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Whiskey Glasses – Parking Lot Runs – July 2020

Back in July of last year, we heard there was going to be a few hot rodders gathering in the…

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Dave Mueller Race Engines

During the quest to bring #TheVan back to life, we had discussed having some fun at the racetrack possibly running…

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Tawnia Littell’s 56 Chevy

Nice to see you on the site! Lots of great things coming…

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SHRA Magazine – SHRG Jaymie – 2020

SHRG Jaymie’s photos from the SHRA Magazine Shoot we did at the Big Barn Brewery for the Yearly SHRG Magazine….

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Like and Comment

There are several things you can do on this website. Make your account! This allows you to unlock several web…

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Pharoahs 1st Annual Car Show

Date: July 10th, 2021 Time: 0900 – 1pm Location: Kootenai County Fairground, 4056 N Government Way, Coeur d’ Alene, ID

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Matthew Cowles’ 72 Corvette

Photo by Darrin Marion Photography.

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Kennith Elliot – 2020 R.I.P.

I was searching through a few folders trying to find a photo when I ran across this one. We shot…

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SHRA Shoot – Hillyard 5-16-20

We posted a “last minute” notice to run into Hillyard with the camera last may. Here are some of the…

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Owner: Erika Richardson

Thanks for joining the site, Erika! Lots of fun stuff coming in 2021.

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Owner: Kelly Olson

Welcome! We can’t wait to see your cars in person! Spokane Hot Rod Association

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Black Betty – 1955 Chevy

Owners: Brad & Amanda Wainwright The following pages are from the SHRA Magazine, ISSUE #1 Model: SHRG Betty Bleu

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SHRA Magazine Shoot 10-17-20

This shoot was for the 2020 SHRG Patricia Special Edition of the SHRA Magazine we shot last October. (Read it…

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Members Posts

Our members can submit their own “post” that will display on the main page of the website. Step #1: On…

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