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The Rock Ranch Studio – All volunteer crews that change with each “Project” – Automotive, Portrait, Videography, Podcast and more…

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Kelsi Hotchkiss

SHRG Kelsi Hotchkiss We simulated a “cyc” wall with two sheets of drywall to get the look we wanted in…

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SHRA Brent Schenk monitoring the cameras in the Rock Ranch Studio during the SHRA Project – Scooby Doo !!! Brent…

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SHRG Nicole!

We are excited to get SHRG Nicole into the studio to shoot the SHRA Project – Scooby Doo on Sept….

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SHRA Podcast TEST #3

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If we’re not having fun, we won’t be doing it… It’s all becoming a reality… Very soon… https://www.youtube.com/@RockRanchStudio

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SHRA PROJECT – Testing Day 1

– Update – We are inching our way closer to the first testing of several pieces of equipment in theĀ Rock…

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The last piece of drywall was placed today in theĀ 12′ x 24′ conference room! We still have a few drywall…