SHRA PROJECT – Testing Day 1

– Update –

We are inching our way closer to the first testing of several pieces of equipment in the Rock Ranch Studio scheduled for next weekend. (1-28-23)

Several from the Spokane Hot Rod Association‘s production team will be at the studio working out some of the bugs and identifying problems we’ll need to spend our attention on in the future.

We’ll also be pulling SHRG Kelsi and SHRG Jessica from the Spokane Hot Rod Girls Model Team to also test a bit of “Spokesmodel” stuff as well. (Thank You)

Although the studio isn’t finished, we felt the need to start testing some of the network and wireless options before we mud/tape/paint things to being more permanent. This way, we can make changes to the layout and/or equipment with less impact on what we have done so far.

We are excited to start the ball rolling on this project. We are sure it will be the start of many to come. Thanks to all of you that have helped get the studio to this point. We couldn’t have done it without you.