Once we get the Rock Ranch Studio built, we (the SHRA & the RRS) plan on using the full 40’x36′ photo studio with 100% controlled lighting so we can shoot some black background automotive shoots in addition to the white cyc studio style too.

We’ll have a conference room so the Spokane Hot Rod‘s Media Production Team can do interviews of car owners and shooting their cars in podcasts and other media ideas they come up with.

Of course, we’ll have models from the Spokane Hot Rod Girls Model Team on the mic and camera as well.

Stay tuned… A lot is in the works. The studio should start to be built any day now!

A shout out to SHRG Kelsi Hotchkiss for jumping in with the General Lee for this post! Can’t wait to get her and everyone else on the mic soon.

General Lee Owners: Cliff & Nancy Arthur
Spokane Hot Rod Girls
Spokane Hot Rod Association
Darrin Marion – Photography