UPDATE: 3-13-22

We’ve been working on the layout. Here are some of the changes:

– CONFERENCE ROOM: We wanted to put the conference room into the same building as the studio. After measuring everything, we have enough room to put the room along with the 1/2 bathroom along one side. The studio will be 27′ x 36′ and the conference room will be 12’x27’ish. The biggest issue was making sure I can get the whole car into the photo with a side shot.

– LOFT AREA: On top of the conference room, we will have a loft area to be able to shoot from above without using the camera crane. We will also be able to mount spotlights to light the photo area as well.

– CAR ENTRY AREA: One of the biggest issues is being able to back up to the roll up door with a trailer and rolling the car straight into the photo area. The last layout had us requiring every car to turn and do multiple car movements to get it into place. The new design is a straight shot to the area. Now we can use cardboard to roll it into place without marking up the white floor.Just outside the roll up door area, I’ll put in an pad with cement or blocks that we will be able to have a clean/wash station to prep the car if needed. (water/air)

– DESIGN UPGRADES: By having the two areas together, we will be able to broadcast live or record video in the room, in the studio or both without having to run wires from one building to the other. We currently have 7 camera capabilities with 1080p and 4k abilities. We can run them all at the same time, switching between them, at will, with the studio software. – SHRA PROJECTS: We are getting excited to start recording for the Spokane Hot Rod Association podcast/show called “Projects”. We’ll take one car and owner at a time and will cover the “story of the car” on film. Some of shows will be in the studio, some will have the SHRA Media Production Team in owner’s shops and planned locations.

– BUILD DATE: The current start date to build is May 1st with the possibility of starting earlier. Let’s hope the weather holds out so we can get this rolling. As of now, we are doing the land prep work to get everything ready.

Thanks for your support. We will be having a lot of fun once everything is up and running…