Now that 2022 is coming to an end and the studio is close to coming online, we recently put the word out to the Spokane Hot Rod Girls for volunteers to occasionally help out in the studio starting in 2023 as a “spokesmodel”.

We are proud to announce that (so far) we have six models willing to jump into the new role from time to time when opportunities become available.

We welcome: SHRG Nicole, SHRG Taylor, SHRG Leigh Ann, SHRG Kelsi, SHRG Audrey, SHRG Jessica, SHRG Jaymie, SHRG Sybrina

All of these SHRGs not only have years of experience with modeling, but also have been doing great job dealing with the public during events in the car community as well.

Thank you all for jumping into this new adventure.


  • (If there are any more jacketed (active or not) SHRGs that wish to be put on the studio list to come up to Chattaroy and volunteer as a spokesmodel from time to time, contact Darrin Marion.
  • SHRGs that volunteer for this may be in studio broadcasts, videos and other types of media.
  • Some projects may take a few hours, possibly spanned a few hours over a few days to complete the project.
  • The SHRA will also be keeping the normal SHRGs TEAM (in pink) for the car community. You can volunteer for one or the other or both)