We’re a group of people that use a private shop converted into the studio to socialize and create some really cool media, without chasing the dollar.

The studio was built in 2022 with the idea of using some of the latest technology to enhance the photography scene. We mix in a bit of social stuff to it all and come out having a lot of fun creating projects in front of the camera.

The studio is not a business. We do it all for fun.

We do not “sell” anything ourselves, meaning every project is done “at cost”. We do not make anything on the stuff we create. If you want to purchase the media, you pay only the publisher cost if we can’t get it to you for free.

And last, we are not here to be famous, be fake or waste our time. We have the privilege of “choosing” what we want to create and who we associate with, without the “influence” or “worry” about where the next buck can be made or who we piss off…

The studio is located 10 miles north of Spokane, Washington in the little town of Chattaroy.

Contact Us:

Email: Rock Ranch Studio

Mailing Address: PO Box 192, Chattaroy, WA 99003