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A few more things on the outside of the studio to do then we start on the inside. Lots of…

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A little bit of Darkened Art

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9 300

The first car in the Rock Ranch Studio… Our 69 Fastback Mustang doing some space & layout testing, equipment testing…

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Finished modifying the camera crane so we can use the Ronin gimble and the new Nikon cameras. It’ll now stay…

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THANK YOU, Mountain Family Concrete LLC, for a great job pouring the floor in the studio!

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Building is built!

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One more piece of the puzzle completed. We’ll be able to tether the nikon cameras to the computer so everyone…

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Jack Darling’s Cuda Spokane Hot Rod Association Darrin Marion – Photography Rock Ranch Studio

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We believe every car has a personality and a story to tell. Get ready to tell it. Soon, we’ll be…