Kennith Elliot – 2020 R.I.P.

I was searching through a few folders trying to find a photo when I ran across this one. We shot it during a SHRA Magazine shoot as an extra car for the magazine.

If you don’t know, the truck above in the main photo is owned by Kenneth Elliott who ended up coming out that day and spending a few hours with us.

Ken unexpectedly passed away right in the middle of us editing our last magazine. It is still shocking to me that he is gone. (My heart goes out to his family.)

It is never “the time” to talk about things like this but I just had to pass on one of the photos we took that day. I just happened to shoot this one with one of our Spokane Hot Rod Girls (Patricia) as an extra photo.

Her expression / pose in the first picture sure expresses now what I’m feeling about him being gone. I just had to share it for you all. We are a hot rod family here at the SHRA. We truly miss Ken and his humor.

May his memory live on in all of us. RIP, Hot Rod Brother. – Darrin Marion

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  1. I knew Ken as a member of the Street Tin Car Club. At the last SHRA Magazine shoot (8-1-20), he jumped into a few things with his truck after all the required photos were shot.

    On the last photo above, I wanted the drivers in the cars to simulate a “street race start” scene. When I asked him to jump in his truck, he was first puzzled because most hot rod photos are with the vehicle only. After a quick second, he realized the “scene” we were creating really would look better with people in the cars for the photo. I still remember his smile as he walked to his truck to get set up.

    At the end of the long 3 hour shoot, I thanked him and apologized for the long wait times between the photos. His comment was, “Thanks for letting me be a part of this. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.” He never complained once the whole day. (people are free to leave at any time too) Of course, he offered to jump into any future events as well too.

    I knew Ken as a fellow Hot Rodder. He was a brother in cars. He will be missed at the events by many…

    Feel free to post a comment to help share the memories.

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