SHRA Project – Scooby Doo
(In Studio Photos)

On September 9th, 2023, the Spokane Hot Rod Association continued its “Project – #TheVan” by making it a Mystery Machine in the Rock Ranch Studio.

We took two of the Production Team Members, Darrik & Daniel Marion, and placed them into the roles as Shaggy & Fred. Then we placed two of the Spokane Hot Rod Girls, Nicole Jacobs & Taylor Langley into the roles as Velma & Daphne. Of course, Darrin Marion had to be the Villain.

To play Scooby, we used Darrin’s dog, Loki, and upsized him later to the Great Dane, Johnnie Walker.

We spent 3 hours in the studio, starting off with a quick podcast and then adventured out into the main studio for photos.

Our goal was to create a few posters from the event and have fun doing it with #TheVan.

(SHRA Darrik Marion working with Johnnie Walker during the shoot)

(SHRA Darrin Marion getting ready for the next position with the group)

(SHRA Brian Marion previewing the photos as they come up real-time)

(The crew taking a break between scenes)

(Johnnie Walker wasn’t too sure about all this attention)

(THANK YOU to SHRG Taylor Langley and SHRG Nicole Jacobs for having fun shooting with the SHRA)

Stay tuned. We’ll keep adding to the photos below as we process through them…

The posters will be linked below when they are available.

The Podcast will be on its own post on this website and YouTube here:

  • Darrin

(SHRA Darrik Marion (Shaggy), SHRA Daniel Marion (Fred) & SHRA Darrin Marion (Villian)

Special Thanks to Vicki & Paul for letting us shoot with Johnnie Walker

(Photos on this page by: SHRA Production Team, Darrin Marion, Brian Marion & SHRG Lacy Goodson)

(The event was filmed and photographed in the Rock Ranch Studio)

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