My passion for photography started when I was overseas while serving in the Army in 1985.

Back then it was a simple hobby, shooting some of the places I traveled to in Germany with a Nikon camera.

Of course, most photographers can tell you that EVERYTHING was different using those old film cameras.

It wasn’t until I started playing with the media in the hot rod scene that I really got serious about shooting. The demand for social media content kept pushing everyone in the car world to do more, be seen and publish photos and video.

I started shooting in the Spokane Hot Rod Association (in 2009ish) that I really started calling myself a photographer. Not because I really wanted the title, but because the STATUS the association got from HAVING a media production team and ultimately the photographers made me do it.

In 2014, we started the Spokane Hot Rod Girls Model Team with the SHRA, not really knowing what we were getting into with all the expectations it was going to toss at us. Up to this point, it was pretty much all fun and social.

By 2015, I soon realized that shooting cars and shooting models were totally different. Lucky for me, the first SHRG that we put on the new team was a close family friend’s daughter (unofficial niece) named Jessica Torosian. She started me down a crash course path in learning to shoot (people), working in the “model” industry and publishing “model” photos.

The first photo with Jessic Torosian (2015)

As time passed, I learned a lot about what I needed to do and also a lot about what NOT to do as well. (I’ll apologize to Jessica and the other gals now for some really sub-par photos) I have moved up in the quality of my cameras, learned the industry standard editing software and pushed forward in publishing too.

Me shooting Taylor Langley for the “Shades of Grey” SHRA shoot in 2021

I’ve met some great people and shot some really cool cars. As of 2022, I have been privileged to have been able to shoot over 35+ local models, in various styles; pinup, fashion, grunge, girl next door and cosplay.

I’ve published 12 magazines with the SHRA, several calendars, a ton of posters and shot over 101,000 photos to date. With magazines taking at least 100 hours of editing, I’ve started pushing to do posters instead. (about 10 minutes a poster)

Kelsi Hotchkiss shooting with me and the General Lee at the Street Tin Car show.

My favorite photos I create are what I call a “Blackened” style. I take the basic photo (above left) and through several editing techniques in Photoshop, I change it into the final photo (above right).

In 2023, I invested in a 40’x60′ pole building that will be used for my home studio. Check it out here: We will have a full 30’x36′ photo area big enough to pull a car inside along with a full cyc wall. With the SHRA, we will be also shooting some podcast and media stuff as well.

I mostly shoot cars and people. NO, I don’t do weddings. (To many “bridezillas” out there) I find landscape and wildlife photography to be boring because most of the time I socialize while shooting.

I shoot for the fun of it. I’m not bound by the almighty dollar, nor will I chase it. I am thankful for all those that help out when I get my camera out. Most of these photos on the website have someone else connected to the event where the photo was taken.

My philosophy is this: Surround yourself with great people, create some cool shit.

It’s been working so far…

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