Before & After

Most people have no idea what it takes to get the end result of the photos you see. In the photos below, we have SHRG Kelsi with the General Lee during a car show. Sure, we could just quickly edit the photo and post it, but no one would want it as a poster.

This is where the skill of a photographer is put to the test. Taking the photo is one thing, editing it into “ART” is another. Is it real? No, but, you’d hang it on the wall.

The poster below was a result of a morning with my coffee. (about an hour)

Beautiful car, awesome model and now we can all enjoy the final poster.

You can purchase it, at cost, here: Kelsi – General Lee Poster ($2.00 + shipping)

Special thanks to Kelsi Hotchkiss and Cliff & Nancy Arthur for letting me shoot this photo.


Finished Photo

Starting Photo