SHRA Project – Scooby Doo
(#005 Podcast)

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Continuing on with our #TheVan Project, we pull in some SHRA & SHRG people to run with the Scooby Doo theme in a more “realistic” way.

Velma – SHRG Nicole Jacobs

Daphne – SHRG Taylor Langley

Shaggy – SHRA Darrik Marion

Fred – SHRA Daniel Marion

Scooby – Loki & Johnnie Walker

Filmed in the @RockRanchStudio with the SHRA Production Team

SHRA Darrin Marion

SHRA Brian Marion

SHRA Scott Marion

SHRA Brent Schenk

SHRG Lacy Goodson

Special thanks to Vicki & Paul for letting us shoot with their Great Dane, Johnnie Walker !!

00:00 – Podcast

14:40 – Poster Shoot

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