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Spokane Hot Rod Girls


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Aug 30
Excited with the latest update (today)... Now we just need to get it all to work... ;) Hang in there...
Aug 2
See everyone at the show in Hillyard today.
Jul 28
http://spokanehotrodgirls.com now up and running.... check it out...
Jul 21
Tons of code changes on the site in order to make it more phone friendly.
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Upcoming events

Gents/Dukes Riverside Avenue Cruise
Meet at Tune Tech 3011 N Monroe St--6:30 MMeet at Jeff's Detail 14 E Augusta--6:30 PM509-468-3729
Bruce Town Sep 5, 06:30PM
Gent's/Shakey's 3rd Annual Car Show
3rd Annual Gent's/Shakey's Car Show.Trophies, Great Brunch from Steve!Fun Show
Bruce Town Sep 6, 08:00AM
SHRA's Potluck at the Park / Open call for models
Several things going on here this day: - A potluck at the small park with the Spokane Hot Rod Ass...
Spokane Hot Rod Sep 6, 03:00PM
Deer Park Dragstrip Reunion
Annual Deer Park Dragstrip Reunion Car Show. Hosted by the Dragins Race Team
Spokane Hot Rod Sep 13, 09:00AM
ValleyFest Cruise
The Spokane Hot Rod Association is helping host the 2nd Annual ValleyFest Cruise to lead off the Val...
Spokane Hot Rod Sep 19, 04:30PM

Forum Topics

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Spokane County Raceway

FastKart Indoor Speedway

Overall Best Lap - Tyler 23.04

SHRA - Daniel 23.96
SHRA Girl - Andrea 24.22
Lilac City Mopars - Tyler 23.04