There was one thing we learned about the shoot yesterday that we wanted to pass on: Dogs are VERY HARD to work with in the studio full of people. HAHA…. (big van picture started the issues… Can you see it?)

A big THANK YOU to all involved with Project Scooby Doo – Poster Shoot. This was our first big shoot in the Rock Ranch Studio. The quick podcast allowed us to further test the video equipment and the main studio poster idea tested the cameras.

Another # TheVan Project added to the books!

We have a ton of media to sort through, produce and get out to you all.

As the studio gets completed, we want to continue to shoot cool stuff with your cars. Got any ideas for an SHRA Project? let us know!

Change the way you Hot Rod!


Cosplay Actors

SHRA Darrik Marion – Shaggy

SHRA Daniel Marion – Fred

SHRG Nicole Jacobs – Velma

SHRG Taylor Langley – Daphne

Loki – Scooby Doo (Little) Mexican Hairless

Johnnie Walker – Scooby Doo (huge) Great Dane

SHRA Production Team

SHRA Darrin Marion

SHRA Brian Marion

SHRA Scott Marion

SHRA Brent Schenk

SHRG Lacy Goodson

SHRA Tina Marion

Special Thanks

Vicki & Paul (Johnnie Walker the Great Dane owners)

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