People keep asking me about the stuff we’ll be shooting in the Rock Ranch Studio once it is built. The simple answer? Anything that is fun.

The photo attached (photo #1) to this post is one I took at the Spokane Speed and Custom Show this weekend. Mind you, the original photo (photo #2) had cars, ropes and papers around it. It was also lit up with the event lights of the building.

As you can see, I changed it drastically into my version of “Darkened” ART. (shameless plug for future a future magazine) This is just one example of what we will be creating in the studio.

We also plan on having a ‘seamless pro-white’ shooting area for the opposite effect in automotive photos. Myself, along with other Spokane Hot Rod Association members, will be also shooting some podcast live / recorded media in the studio as well.

We are all excited to jump into this with both feet and to be able to bring some new things to do in the local hot rod scene. We’ll have access to a conference room, a full studio, high end video and audio equipment and of course, models from the Spokane Hot Rod Girls Model Team as needed.

We are scheduled to start building the studio building in a few weeks. All of us are extremely excited for the new adventures and media that awaits…. Stay tuned. Get involved. Share and like our studio page.

It just may be YOU that we (us SHRA people) pull in, shoot and have fun creating some unique live and recorded media with.

Darrin Marion

Rock Ranch Studio – Owner

Spokane Hot Rod Association – President

Darrin Marion – Photography – <— My photography page